If you have reached this point on our WEB it’s because something called your attention.

It seems you wish to know more AboUT it and so we will let you know how LAMALVE was born and who is behind.

LAMALVE emerged from our conviction that there should be a system transforming unfairness into fairness regarding female artisans in the whole world. Followers of the oldest  artworks, keepers of traditions and the cosmogonies of their cultures since the beginning of times, they are quite excluded from this world as they not exist in our digital times.

For us, however, it was very clear: we wanted to work with associated, only. Being realistic, once sole woman can not do very much for this world but associations can. So this project starts with women who believe that the association of women can do much more than individually.

When LAMALVE was established it was very clear that Mexico was the country to start with, although things became somewhat complicated as cooperatives do not deal with Internet nor at street level.

We were in Germany and one of our colleagues was in Oaxaca, one of the Mexican states with a big textile tradition spread all over the world. But Mexico is not an easy country for women and there we were studying the problems we would have to face when terrible earthquakes (around 17, the majority of them higher than grade 4 of Richter Scale) started to shake the country since the 7th until the 24th September, 2017. And this meant the definitive LAMALVE starting.  (keep on reading „Las Terremotas“ Blog)

And… here we are decided to go on!

Areli, our Mexican MALVE, is in love with life and travelling, with „Son Jarocho“ (traditional folklore music from Vera Cruz) and popular culture. She made possible our 1st project at Oaxaca comparable to a planted seed which we all look after carefully at hoping it grows up.

Tula continues working to discover a just system capable of transforming the system into its opposite. He spends many hours thinking how to change things and LAMALVE emerged as a goal to point to the change we all want to contribute to.

Katja is the one that really gives a practical framework to this whole framework, it is the Malve that organizes, plans and puts the objectives on the table; with her feet on the ground, she is the one truly capable of putting the points at the end of each sentence.

LAMALVE means many women such as weavers, embroiders and textile artist, all of them decided to immortalize our ancestors techniques and cosmogonies as well as create true art pieces.

And these are us, the wild mallows, a pleasure to meet you!

“Miracle hands which transform needs and fears into spirit, popular works of art arising from the biodiversity conforming their natural habitat.”

                                           (Popular Art Museum, at Mexico City)

Tula is still trying to make a change in the system with the right recipe. With hours of hard work, she turns each stone twice and ends up at LAMALVE as an instrument for the long-awaited change. In doing so, she uses a wealth of ideas to repeatedly set new heights.

Katja is the grip and the LAMALVE thus gives a practicable frame. It is the Malve that plans and organizes, gives up clearly set goals and regularly places a point at the end of the sentence.