“LAMALVE gives a new dimension to the word „Handmade“!

LaMalve sells unique pieces of textile decoration handmade by cooperatives of women from all over the world


Through LAMALVE you will find out hand embroidered cushions or tapestry woven on backstrap looms, Wayuu hammocks, Berber carpets, hand spinned cotton, wool from Morocco mountains dyed artisanally or other fabrics made slowly but surely, the only way of doing a quality and heartly artwork.


LAMALVE represents a genuine bridge between two cultures and two economic different systems. However, we do not pretend to lead a reform or a change at none of the parts. We only aim to be an intermediate and fair vehicle for these communities and their ancestral production processes, respecting their capacity of self-management and organization as cooperatives or associated groups.

LAMALVE is an open door to the fair exchange in a world where artcraft keeps on being possible, so that when an artisanal article arrives to your home you are aware that women doing it were protected under fair circumstances, so that you know the name of the female artisan who did what now belongs to you.



Much of the products you find on our site are unique: you will not find a piece that is exactly the same. We also work with limited collections obtained through special collaborations among cooperatives, countries or designers, allowing you to have very special and once-in-a-lifetime pieces.

We trust you enjoy them as much as we did!