Is LAMALVE a cooperative?

LAMALVE is not a cooperative, nor a Foundation or NGO neither are we a part of any of them. Our objective is to support different women initiative complying with our philosophic premises, besides offering a commercial support to such initiatives. (If you are interested in learning more on this subject, click here to access LAMALVE philosophy).


Why does LAMALVE works with women only?

“Isn’t it important to support a male artisan as well?”

Of course, it is! And this is a question we are often made.  

LAMALVE was set up as a commercial platform for female artisans as in the majority of the countries the practice and transmission of the cultural patrimony is in the hand of women (If you are interested in learning more on this subject, click here to access our Blog).

In addition, these women face a lot of problems to go out of their communities to sell their products and they do, they are exposed to some danger and do not have other choice tan selling their products at any price if they want to go on covering some expenses and feeding their families. We firmly believe that the situation improves when women get together in their work. And, this is LAMALVE objective: to support association among women. (If you are interested in learning more on this subject, click here to access LAMALVE philosophy).


Is it necessary to be a woman to cooperate with LAMALVE?

Of course not! Everyone having a project or a proposal which is fair or implements any benefit to the LAMALVE basic principles is welcome and we will be happy to listen and study such proposal!


And… What’s happening with the independent artisans?

LAMALVE was created to support the union among women and commercial success to products manufactured in cooperatives and associations. There are other ways for selling very well adapted to products manufactured by male and female independent artisans such as Etsy or Dawanda.


Do we work with any type of cooperative?

LAMALVE only works with artisanal cooperatives using full artisanal methods. We also work with Foundations and ONG’s not having such platform and need it to help selling products manufactured by female artisans, so that they are able to generate incomes allowing them to develop projects regarding women enterprising.


Would you like to work with LAMALVE?

If you belong to a cooperative or female artisans association and are interested in be a part of our network, please do contact us.

If you work with a Foundation or NGO and believe that women you are in contact with are prepared to start their way with autonomy, we will be happy to speak about it. LAMALVE is fully prepared to cooperate and support your initiative. (If you are interested in learning more on this subject, click here to access LAMALVE philosophy).


Price policy

LAMALVE sets up the price of every product individually. To obtain it we consider several elements such as the total days or hours used for the product manufacturing, the grade sustainability used in the manufacturing process and other variables.

LAMALVE does not discuss the prices with the artisans but selects the products for sale. The result is a fair price, a trusting relationship among all the parts and the respect to the culture, craft activity and to the Earth where we live.


Offers and discounts

Through LAMALVE artisans receive a fair benefit by their work which is stipulated by themselves, together. Constant offers and discounts would imply the prices increase something we do not wish to do. So, the best way to thank for their work and encourage purchasing is to make an 8% discount (for example, March 8th the International Women’s Day) exclusively connected with the UN festivities calendar women related. Would you like to find out which are these Days?


1 January – Pease and World Family Day

16 February – International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation

18 February – American Women International Day

1 March – Zero Discrimination Day

8 March – International Women’s Day

21 March – International day for the elimination of racial discrimination

22 April – Mother Earth International Day

1 de Mayo- Worker’s International Day

25 May – Africa International Day

12 June – World Day against Child Labor

1 July (first Saturday in July) – International Day of Cooperatives

30 July – International Day against Human Trafficking

9 August – International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

21 September – International Day of Peace

23 September – International Day against Women Exploitation and traffic

11 October – International Day of the Girl Child

15 October – International Day of Rural Women

17 October – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

20 November – Universal Children’s Day

25 November – International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

2 December – International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

10 December – Human Rights Day


Special orders

Orders are accepted under a previous payment of the 50% of the product price. In such case, please contact us through the Contact Form where you should indicate the out-of-stock product you are interested in. However, keep in mind that the majority of the products are almost impossible to be exactly copied thus making them unique and son special… Also contact us in case you wish a special size and we will inform you about the times and the variation on the price of such product. Feel free to contact us without any obligation!

You are right if you think we are a majority of women: we are women and work with women. Women are the ones who keep the legacy of their people’s artisanal techniques making any product a work of art, ready to accompany in your day-today… Regretfully, some languages orthography normative does not allow defining the gender. LAMALVE means “woman”.


Returning of products

If, whatever the reason is, you wish to return any product bought through LAMALVE you may do it in the next 14 days after the buying date. We wish to prevent the generation of unnecessary extra costs and in order to avoid such situation we do advise our customers to study and analyze the specific sizes and the material of the product, like, for example, to measure the area where you wish to put your rug before buying it. All our products show a full and very specific description thus allowing your buying is the adequate one. Our Web shows decorative examples and detailed photos making possible to have an idea of how the product you wish to buy looks where you want to put it. (Link Wiederruftsrecht)


Methods of payment

Credit cards, PayPal and Bank Transferences are accepted.

If the payment is made through Bank Transference, the buying form shows a section where indicating the bank account number, which will be confirmed through an e-mail sent to you.

Payment must be done in the next 7 days after the buying date and products cannot be reserved more than 7 days.


Changes and Returnings

If you wish to change or return your order, this may be done during the next 14 days after the purchasing date. The cost of a goods returning is to be paid by the purchaser. In order to proceed with the returning, please fill in the following form with a clear and full description of the reasons. Refund will be made using the same method of payment and this may take some days. The returning of the product is to be made to the following address:



Oranienstrasse 179

10999 Berlin


Returning Form

— To: info@lamalve.com
— By this form I require the returning of item(s) no. (s) ………., purchased by me on …….. (day/month/year).

— Name:
— Address:
— Date: (day/month/year)



We work with DHL and Hermes in Germany.  Prices for each shipping class and country can be seen here.  Each shipment is certified and insured at 500 Euros.

In case you need an invoice, please let us know.