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* Price stands for the cushion cover without filling pad.

These cushions fabric is woven on back strap looms, traditional at Istmo de Oaxaca, a heritance of our ancestors, mainly used by women at Central and Latin America. The fabrics speak about history and the fusion with the present times. Designs vary in accordance with the ethnic groups, looms and embroiders. They mainly refer to birds, flowers and plants related to local cosmogony.

In order to make this series, Itzel Gutiérrez used threads of 100% raw cotton, obtained from other pieces loom woven by San Mateo del Sur and Juchitán de Oaxaca female artisans.

The best way to clean and keep these pieces is to hand wash them with cold water and neutral soap, and protect them from direct sunlight so that colours are kept.

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“It’s basic in decoration and means much more than a common decoration piece

One of the ways of transforming a home nook is to add cushions to the place and if existing colours or patterns are changed it produces an immediate new look.

A cushion can be used for almost everything: to lay one’s back in pain or to force some to become erect, to watch that film you promised yourself to do comfortably or to relax for 10 minutes before go to bed… or even to cushions wars among kids…

Cushions are much more than a decoration piece!

“Las Terremotas” collection is eye-catching at once and will make possible that you finally find what you were looking for to put on that low wood table you found at the Flea Market or to add to that lonely chair at the entry hall of your home. An armchair is ideal to create a new decoration playing with the contrast of the patterns. Also, it’s a way of decoration your balcony, to give a new look to your own office or to your bed and, obviously, to your sofa. Remember, “rule 3-2-1” leads to a full success!


If you wish to integrate daring patters, do it with a small piece like this one which will grant a different aspect to your decoration!

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Las Terremotas


40cm x 40cm




Zip closing


Cold or hand wash, iron from the inside/ dry cleaning

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