Beni Ouarain, Berber Rug “beni diamonds”


100% wool Beni Ouarain – carpet, unique.
1.39 mx 0.90 m

The Maouy style hand knotted rugs are elegant and soft. They are decorated with traditional symbols typical of this region.

This rug by Beni Ouarain was woven in the traditional way with the vertical Berber loom. It is a piece that gives warmth and light to any room, and the accent of color necessary to create a relaxed atmosphere. It is possible to combine it with any kind of furniture, whether they are minimalist or Louis XV. Try it!

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The Association Tadighoust is located in the village of Qsar Mouy in the region of Errachidia. The area is a desert region with a Sarahi-like weather. The locals are mainly involved in agriculture. However, due to the limited number of jobs available most men moved to other important cities in order to find work. In response to the outflow of men, the young people of the village created the Association Tadighoust with the goal of developing the region and creating opportunities for the rural women to make a living. Today, many women work at the association although local weaving craft, however, has been in recent decline due to lack of market access and increased middlemen activity. This handmade article was done using the following local materials and tools.

Nora studied in school until the sixth grade. She married young and is now a widow. She supports her child through her work at the association. She hopes that she can continue improving hers and other women livelihood.

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Dimensions 139 × 90 cm

raw Wool


Azilal, Ait Bougmez, Morocco

Initiativ / Kooperativ

Association Tadighoust

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This is a new and unique carpet. We recommend cleaning since it comes directly from the mountains of Morocco to your home. If you want you can read more of them in our Blog.