Beni Ouarain Rug from Morocco “diamondsqueen”


“The Diamonds Queen” … an incredulous unicum.
The size of this rug is 3,10m x 2,10m without fringes

This rug is handmade with local fabrics using a traditional loom. Azilal rugs from the High Atlas are handcrafted with elaborate and often colorful designs. The soft wool gives every room warmth and accent. This piece is just beautiful!


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These women artisans are very proud of their work and once we have seen this rug, we immediately fell in love with it, with this bold combination of colors and the beauty of its warmth.

The Talsanat cooperative is located in the valley of Ait Boughemez in the High Atlas. It was founded by the women of the village in order to reach larger markets by developing and improving their products. Currently, the twelve women who make up the cooperative truly believe in their ability to help each other create new creative processes. The cooperative is essentially made up of divorced and divorced women who trust to improve their lives and help other women.

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Raw Wool


Azilal, Ait Bougmez, Marokko

Initiativ / Kooperativ

Coop. Talsanat

Sonstiges / Zusatzinformation

This carpet is new, but we recommend washing it since it comes from the mountains directly, from villages where the streets are unpaved. If you want you can read more of it in our Blog


3,10m x 2,10m fringless