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Berber carpet from Morocco, 100% wool. Unique Piece.
3.09m x 1.6m without fringes

The road to the mountains was very long to find these cooperatives. For the one that is afraid of the precipices, the only way was to look at the horizon for hours … When we arrived this was the first carpet we saw. And we fell in love!


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This rug seems to be a peaceful refuge four our senses. It’s a big area of natural wool, not dyed, showing a good number of Berber intricate embroideries, like a half written sheet of paper, a map of a different world or a letter vanished by time.

To do this, wool yarn has been used from the shearing of the local sheep, which is then hand-spun by the cooperative’s artisans.

The loom used is shared among the female artisans thus allowing any woman to make rugs when necessary. The cooperative members also share their resources and this way the looms are permanently being used.

In order to weave this rug it is necessary to use a tool named Taska, similar to a comb, in order to compress every rug warp alignment and many of the designs used by the artisans are considered as an evil repellent.

The Imghlaus Women Cooperative is situated at Ait Bougamez Valley, 200 km far from Marrakech. In 2011, the village women decided to look for a way allowing them of obtain extra income out of their daily tasks. Fatima, leader in design, helped the village women to organize themselves as a cooperative since she arrived to the conclusion that they would only be successful working altogether. Every sale income obtained by the Cooperative is evenly distributed among its members. They are focused in different types of rugs using natural wool and dyes. Their major wish is to build a new centre and change their present location, which is one sole room without electricity.

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pure wool


This is a completely new carpet. Cleaning is recommended, since it comes directly from the Mountains. You can read more about it here.


Azilal, Morocco

Initiativ / Kooperativ

Coop. Imghlaus


3.09m x 1.6m without fringes