Little Rug “Redmustard”


A Unique Piece from Azilal, Morocco

Wool 100%

0,91m x 0,73m ohne Fransen

Who could imagine that pomegranate peel could dye wool? Mat done using a traditional vertical loom with natural dyed wool.


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At the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, the Cooperative Douard Agerdnouz is located at Ait Bougmez Valley, accessible through a path from where we can see marvellous landscapes difficult to forgot, where we arrived at the praying time. At a small room, situated near to some footprints left there by some dinosaurs, there were 6 women and a good amount of finished mats and rugs. There also was a baby having a nap.

These small mats and rugs are handmade with artisanal dyed natural wool, using a traditional loom. All of them are the result of traditional symbols mixture with a good dose of the personal and powerful creative sense of every artisan woman.

Additional information

Dimensions 91 × 73 cm

raw Wool


Coop.Douard Agerdnouz, Ait Bougmez

Sonstiges / Zusatzinformation

This is a new carpet and a unique piece. It comes directly from the mountains, of a village with unpaved roads, so we recommend washing it.

Initiativ / Kooperativ

Coop.Douard Agerdnouz