Wayuu hammock from Colombien


Wayuu hammock, 100% Cotton, hand-knitted.

“Chinchorros” or Wayuu hammock, done by the natives of the same etnia, living in the Guajira region between Colombia and Venezuela, are the most wide and large hammock seen in the markets. For centuries, the Wayuu people have developed a rich culture where fabrics acquired a singular importance and are undoubtedly an element very connected to them. To weave a hammock like this it may take around two months of specialized artisan work using a vertical loom. The ruffle or fringe is done using crochet and it may have a width between 30 and 50 cm, with geometric symbols or flowers.

100% hand woven this is a special hammock for “bon vivant” and experts. Every one of them is a real art oeuvre.


The “Hilo Sagrado” Foundation works with the Wayuú Guajira communities (Colombia) since 2013, through education, economic female artisans empowerment and sustainable development. The objective is to look for communities being able to become self-sustainable through the granting of the necessary tools allowing them to lead their own craft work and get out of the extreme poverty they bear.

Though design, training and innovation, they work with 150 female artisans in order to develop high quality products reflecting their culture, set out to enter the global market. “Hilo Sagrado” respects the ancestral Latin America techniques and also innovates materials, design and production models. The novelty of this model with a social impact is based on 3 pillars already mentioned above.

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100% cotton

Initiative / Kooperativ

Fundation "Hilo Sagrado", Colombia

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Neu. Hand-knitted. Sanftes Reiningung.

Produkt Größe

350 cm x 220 cm