The Work of Hilo Sagrado

The “Hilo Sagrado” (“Sacred Thread”) Foundation works with the Wayuú Guajira communities (Colombia) since 2013, through education, economic female artisans empowerment and sustainable development. The objective is to look for communities being able to become self-sustainable through the granting of the necessary tools allowing them to lead their own craft work and get out of the extreme poverty they bear.

Though design, training and innovation, they work with 150 female artisans in order to develop high quality products reflecting their culture, set out to enter the global market.“Hilo Sagrado” respects the ancestral Latin America techniques and also innovates materials, design and production models. The novelty of this model with a social impact is based on 3 pillars already mentioned above.

“Wayuú women had no economic power at all (…) I realized that the traditional weaving tecniques needed to be supported or they would be in danger of being extinct and that women should be able to earn a fair sustenance through their craft works. I found out that every community had been exploited through buyers arrived to the region to purchase backpacks on the basis of wholesale prices refusing to pay for fair prices and forced those communities to accept inacceptable delivery dates this compromising their work quality”
– Sabrina Prioli, “Sacred Thread” Founder

Starting with 17 female artisans,“Hilo Sagrado”achieves to work with 150 female artisans in a record period of time, consolidating 5 leading female entrepreneurs in the communities, and providing water and education to more than 500 indirect beneficiaries of native communities.

Through these empowerment programs and a cloud cooperative design, “Sacred Thread” was able to help 150 Guajira (Colombia) female artisans to increase their earnings until a 600%.