LAMALVE objectives and philosophy are to widely spread knowledge on native female artisans, in order to rescue the cultural legacy through women empowerment and ethical commerce.

Our mission is to preserve the own female artisans identity, defending sustainable traditional work methods under risk of extinction, since such methods not only are a cultural richness as well as they are a World Heritage.

To these effects, our work is based on fundamental objectives, such as:

  1. Supporting the conscientious union among women and cooperatives autonomy as well as decision taking and search of commons objectives.

  2. Supporting initiatives that may report benefits to the community, such as:
  • Cooperation among networks and organizations
  • Exchange among different countries initiatives
  • Cooperation with designers and support of projects and people

Support to training within the cooperatives

  1. Fair intermediation without data concealing to cooperatives and distributors
  2. Respect to our mother nature and life revitalization through a solidary economy
  3. Strengthening of the local economy through production, exchange and local level consumption


How are these objectives shown at LAMALVE?

We offer products and designs 100% handcrafted.
You buy unique handmade articles using traditional techniques.

We show the techniques used in every product thus approaching you to the community and its culture.
Thus, you know what are you buying.

We pay a fair price for articles and do not bargaining with the artisans nor looking down at their work.
So, you pay for a sustainable product done with respect.

We do not intervene in the production, respecting the traditional process.
This way, you may be sure that any article you wish to buy has been done under these criteria.

We promote the development of women cooperatives and initiatives, thus contributing to a soliday economy… so, you take part in the process!